Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock M092
Year 2013
Model AUS4
VIN WAUFG************
Body Type S4
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Blower MotorN/A
A/C Heater CoreN/A
A/C Selector, LeftLH,IN FDR,Driver's, windowN/A
Air Bagfront, driver, roofN/A
Air BagBLK,DPN IS COVER,front, passenger, dashN/A
Air Bagfront, passenger, roofN/A
Air Bag, LeftLH,IN FST,front, driver, seat, thru 1/1N/A
Air Bag, RightRH,IN FST,front, passenger, seat, thruN/A
Back Window(Sdn),JT,ON 150N/A
Body Complete Frame Off4DR,BLKX2,3.0/AT,PS,ABS,AC,CD/NAV,CC,TIN/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, Left(Sdn), LH,BLK,000,ON 150N/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and Rocker, Right(Sdn), RH,BLK,000,ON 150N/A
Body Pillar C Section Rear*@,BLK,JT,w/o park assist; LED (opt 8SLN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleHOMELINK,IC#72477,ID#4G0907410AN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleSUSP,IC#71859,ID#8K0907163BN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Cooling Fan, (mounted to fan shroudN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Driver Assist, park assist (RH trunN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Air Bag, (under center console)N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Body Control (BCM), (trunk mounted)N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Parking Brake, (RH trunk floor)N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleCONFIRM ID#,Communication, (interface mN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module, RightID#,Driver Assist, camera control (RH tN/A
Brake ABS Power BoosterN/A
Brake Caliper, LeftFront, LHN/A
Brake Caliper, LeftRear, LHN/A
Brake Caliper, RightFront, RHN/A
Brake Caliper, RightRear, RHN/A
Brake Master CylinderN/A
Center ConsoleROF,P/SUN,GDO,BLK,N/A
Center ConsoleBLK/LTHR,(floor), center armrestN/A
Clutch FlywheelAT,ON ENGN/A
Cooling Fan MotorFan Assembly, (3.0L)N/A
Cooling Radiator Overflow BottleN/A
Cowl VentN/A
Differential Carrier Assembly@,Rear Axle, (3.0L), torque vectoring dN/A
Electrical AlternatorCONFIRM MFG,(3.0L), Bosch manufacturerN/A
Electrical Starter MotorCONFIRM MFG,(3.0L), Bosch manufacturerN/A
Emission Air Injection PumpN/A
Engine Air Intercooler@,(3.0L)N/A
Engine Air Turbocharger or Supercharger(3.0L),ON ENGN/A
Engine Complete92K,170-180,(3.0L), (VIN G, 5th digit)N/A
Engine Ignition ComputerID#,Electronic Control Module, (3.0L)N/A
Exhaust Manifold, Left(3.0L), LH,ON ENGN/A
Exhaust Manifold, Right(3.0L), RH,ON ENGN/A
Exhaust MufflerASSY, 3.0lN/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X MemberRearN/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X MemberFrontN/A
Front Door Outside Mirror, LeftLH,SLR,Power, (Sdn), (aluminum housing)N/A
Front Door Outside Mirror, RightRH,SLR,Power, (Sdn), (aluminum housing)N/A
Front Door, Left(Sdn), LH,BLKX2,JT,000N/A
Front Door, Right@@,(Sdn), RH,BLKX2,JT,6K4N/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,Rear Axle, torque vectoring differenN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,Front Axle, (3.0L)N/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH,Rear Axle, torque vectoring differenN/A
Front Fender, Left(Sdn), LH,BLK,3D1N/A
Front Headlamp, Left@,LH,(Sdn), (xenon, HID), adaptive (curN/A
Front Seat, LeftLH,BLK,S4,(air bag), (leather), (electrN/A
Front Seat, RightRH,BLK,S4,(air bag), (leather), (electrN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, Leftforward, LHN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Lower, Leftrearward, LHN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Upper, Leftforward, LHN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Upper, Leftrearward, LHN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Upper, Rightrearward, RHN/A
Front Suspension Control Arm Upper, Rightforward, RHN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar, LeftLH,BLK,BUCKLE,(bucket seat), driver, buN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar, RightRH,BLK,BUCKLE,(bucket seat), passenger,N/A
Front Suspension Strut, Left@,LH,Front, sport suspension, opt 1BEN/A
Front Suspension Strut, Right@,RHFront, sport suspension, opt 1BEN/A
Fuel Injection Parts(3.0L),ON ENGN/A
Fuel Tank(Sdn)N/A
Fuel Tank PumpPump Assembly, (3.0L), tank mountedN/A
Grille@,(Sdn), center, (platinum gray)N/A
Grille, Left@,LH,(Sdn), ends, (satin black), (bumpeN/A
Instrument Information Center@,(display), Bang and Olufsen audio sysN/A
Instrument Panel(Sdn),BLK,SRS TYPEN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment System@,ID#8T1035223A,amplifier (trunk mounteN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemID#8T0919611C,control (console mounted)N/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment System@,ID#8R1035664B,DASH MNTD CD PLAYERN/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head92K,CONFIRM ID#,(cluster), (Sdn), (multN/A
Instrument Panel Temperature Controldual zone, (dual dial), heated seatsN/A
Liftgate, Decklid, or TailgateBLK,000,ON 150,(Sdn), (integrated spoilN/A
Misc ABS Brake PartsAssembly, (electronic stability controlN/A
Misc Body Interior PartsN/A
Misc Body Interior PartsBLK,N/A
Quarter Glass, LeftLH,JT,ON 150,(Sdn), chrome mouldingN/A
Quarter Glass, RightRH,JT,ON 150,(Sdn), chrome mouldingN/A
Quarter Panel, Left(Sdn), LH,BLK/LONG,000,ON 150N/A
Quarter Panel, Right(Sdn), RH,BLK/LONG,000,ON 150N/A
Rear Axle Stub, LeftLH,W/ABS,W/HDSN/A
Rear Axle Stub, RightRH,W/ABS,W/HDSN/A
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), Left(Sdn), LH,BLKX2,JT,000N/A
Rear Door Trim PanelLH,BLK,000N/A
Rear Drive Shaft(Sdn), ATN/A
Rear SeatBLK/LTHR,60/40N/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, Lefttie rod, LHN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, LeftA arm, LHN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, RightA arm, RHN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, Righttie rod, RHN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control Arm, LeftLHN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control Arm, RightRHN/A
RoofBLK,ON 150,000,(sunroof, sliding),BLKN/A
Roof Glass(Sdn),ASSY,ON 150N/A
Spare Jack & Tool KitJACK W/TOOLSN/A
Steering Column@,BLK,Floor Shift, w/o dynamic steeringN/A
Steering Column Combination SwitchCONFIRM MFG,(assembly), w/o lane departN/A
Steering Column Engine Switchkeyless ignition,W/KEYN/A
Steering Column WheelBLKN/A
Steering Gear or Rack and PinionELE,Power Rack and Pinion, w/o dynamicN/A
Suspension Coil Spring, LeftLH,RearN/A
Suspension Coil Spring, RightRH,RearN/A
Transfer CaseN/A
Transmission Floor Shift Assembly@,ATN/A
Transmission Floor Shift AssemblySHIFT KNOB AND BOOT ONLYN/A
Transmission Transaxle92K,LT,AT, (7 speed, dual clutch), tranN/A
WheelT125/70R19,19x4 (spare)N/A
Windshield Interior MirrorBLKautomatic dimming, compassN/A
Windshield Washer ReservoirN/A
Windshield Wiper Motor(Sdn)N/A