Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock P007
Year 2008
Model BMWX3
VIN WBXPC************
Body Type X3
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Blower MotorN/A
A/C CompressorN/A
A/C CondenserN/A
A/C Selector, LeftLH,IN FDR,Driver's, (lock with mirror aN/A
Air Bagfront, driver, roofN/A
Air Bagfront, passenger, roofN/A
Air BagBLK,W/CLS,front, driver, wheel, (3 spokN/A
Air Bag, LeftLH,IN FDR,front, driver, doorN/A
Air Bag, RightRH,IN FDR,front, passenger, doorN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#6135 9161931,Body Control (BCM)N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,2760 7270299,Transfer CaseN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#,Air Bag, (main control)N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module6135 9146244N/A
Clutch FlywheelAT, (3.0L),ON ENGN/A
Engine Complete@,165K,185-200,(3.0L)N/A
Engine Ignition ComputerID#7583526/5WK90199Electronic Control MN/A
Exhaust Manifoldfront,ON ENGN/A
Exhaust Manifoldrear,ON ENGN/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X MemberRear, (suspension)N/A
Front Door Outside Mirror, RightRH,BRN,Power, w/o memory; gloss finish,N/A
Front Door, LeftLH,BRN/TAN,000N/A
Front Door, RightRH,BRN/TAN,000N/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), Leftfront, LHN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), Leftrear, LHN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), Rightrear, RHN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), Rightfront, RHN/A
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)N/A
Front Headlamp, LeftLH,BALLIST ONLY,xenon (HID), w/o adaptiN/A
Front Headlamp, Right@,RHxenon (HID), w/o adaptive headlampsN/A
Front Suspension Spindle, RightRH,W/ABS,W/HDSN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar, LeftLH,BLK,RETRACTOR,(bucket), driver, retrN/A
Front Suspension Strut, RightFront, RHN/A
Front Turn Park Marker Fog Lamps, RightRH,Fog-Driving, w/o adaptive headlampsN/A
Fuel Injection Parts(3.0L),ON ENGN/A
Grille, LeftLH,N/A
Grille, RightRHN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment System6512 914350N/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head165K,(cluster), KPH, ATN/A
Misc ABS Brake PartsAssembly, (dynamic stability control)N/A
Quarter Glass, LeftLH,JT,w/o privacy tintN/A
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), LeftLH,BRN/TAN,JT,5P1N/A
Rear Drive Shaft(3.0L, 1283mm)N/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, Leftquarter mounted, LHN/A
Rear Lamp Composite Taillamp, Rightquarter mounted, RHN/A
Roof Glassfront (sliding),GLASS ONLYN/A
Side Rocker Panel Molding@,LH,BLK/TEXTN/A
Side Rocker Panel Molding@,RH,BLK/TEXTN/A
Steering Gear or Rack and PinionPower Rack and Pinion, w/o ServotronicN/A
Transmission Transaxle165K,YT,AT, (3.0L)N/A
Wheel7R/10,TPMS,17x7 (alloy), 10 spoke (V spN/A
Wheel7R/F/10,TPMS,17x7 (alloy), 10 spoke (VN/A
Wheel8F/10,TPMS,17x7 (alloy), 10 spoke (V spN/A
Wheel8F/10,TPMS,17x7 (alloy), 10 spoke (V spN/A
Windshield Glassw/o rain sensorN/A
Windshield Washer Reservoirw/o headlamp washersN/A
Windshield Wiper Transmission!!WIPER MOTOR ONLY!!N/A