Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock S107
Year 2011
Model PORSCHE 911
VIN WP0CD************
Body Type 2DR
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C CompressorTurbo,NTN/A
A/C SelectorNT,Driver's, Turbo, windowN/A
Air Bagpassenger, dashN/A
Back WindowN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module99761819102,N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#99761812200,Communication, antenna cN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module99761010704N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module997618516.01,N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module99761817216,N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control Module997618321.02, DYNAMIC LIGHT CONT.N/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleID#997618195.20,Transmission, TurboN/A
Brake ABS Power Booster@,NT,TurboN/A
Brake Caliper, LeftLH, YELLOWN/A
Brake Caliper, LeftLH,YELLOWN/A
Brake Caliper, RightRH,YELLOWN/A
Brake Clutch Pedal Box@,3.8L, TRB,N/A
Brake Master Cylinder@,NT,TurboN/A
Clutch FlywheelAT, 3.6LN/A
Cooling Engine Oil@,3.8L TURBO, ENG OCON/A
Differential Carrier Assembly@,Front Axle, TurboN/A
Differential Carrier AssemblyFDS,(CARDAN SHAFT)N/A
Electrical Alternator3.8L, Turbo,NTN/A
Electrical Starter Motor3.8L, Turbo,NTN/A
Emission Air Injection Pump@,SECONDARY AIR PUMPN/A
Engine Air Flow MeterTurbo,NTN/A
Engine Air Turbocharger or Supercharger, Left@,Turbo, LHN/A
Engine Air Turbocharger or Supercharger, Right@,Turbo, RHN/A
Engine Complete*@,98K,3.8L,CORE FOR PARTS, VIN D (5thN/A
Engine Harmonic Balancer@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition Coil Pack@,N/A
Engine Ignition ComputerID#99761860705,Electronic Control ModulN/A
Engine Integral Cylinder Head, Left@,LH,3.8L, VIN D (5th digit)N/A
Engine Integral Cylinder Head, Right@,RH,3.8L, VIN D (5th digit)N/A
Engine Oil Pump@, 3.8L TURBON/A
Exhaust Manifold, LeftLH,3.8L, VIN D (5th digit)N/A
Exhaust Manifold, RightRH, CAT ONLYN/A
Exhaust Manifold, RightRH,3.8L, VIN D (5th digit)N/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X MemberN/A
Front Door Glass, LeftLH,N/A
Front Door Handle Outside, LeftLH,GRYN/A
Front Door Window Motor, Leftdoor, LH,NTN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,Rear Axle, AT, TurboN/A
Front Seat, Left@,LH,BLK,NT,Turbo, (air bag), (leatherN/A
Front Seat, Right@,RH,BLK,PARTS ONLY,Turbo, (air bag), (N/A
Front Suspension KneeLH,BLK,SETN/A
Front Suspension KneeRH,BLK,SETN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarFront, Turbo, ATN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarRear, TurboN/A
Front Suspension Strut, Left@,LH,Rear, w/o electronic damper controN/A
Front Suspension Strut, Right@,RH,N/A
Fuel Injection PartsNT,3.8L, VIN D (5th digit)N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Injection Parts@,N/A
Fuel Tank Pump@,HI PRESS, ENG MNT,N/A
Fuel Tank PumpNT,TANK MNTD,Pump Assembly, TurboN/A
Instrument Information CenterLT,(display and receiver), AM-FM-CD-navN/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head@,98K,(cluster), KPH, Turbo, AT, red diN/A
Instrument Panel Temperature Control@,NT,(AC, opt I573), Turbo, w/o heatedN/A
Liftgate Latches And Locks, LeftLH,N/A
Misc ABS Brake PartsNT,Assembly, AWD, TurboN/A
Misc Trim Pad, LeftLHN/A
Quarter GlassN/A
Rear Axle Stub, LeftTurbo, LH, LESS RBKN/A
Rear Axle Stub, RightTurbo, RH,LESS RBKN/A
Rear Brake, Left@,LH,N/A
Rear Brake, Right@,RH,N/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, LeftLH,trailing armN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, LeftLH,control arm, TurboN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, RightRH,control arm, TurboN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, Lower, RightRH,trailing armN/A
Steering Column@,Floor Shift,BLKN/A
Steering Column Combination SwitchNT,wiper, (headlamp washers), w/o rearN/A
Steering Column WheelBLKN/A
Steering Gear or Rack and Pinion@,Power Rack and Pinion, (997 model)N/A
Steering PumpTurbo, AT,NTN/A
Transmission Floor Shift AssemblyN/A
Transmission Transaxle@,98K,NT,AT, AWD, Turbo, limited slip dN/A
Windshield Interior Mirrorautomatic dimming,BLKN/A
Windshield Interior Sun Visor, Left(illuminated), Conv, LH,BLKN/A