Parts - Results by Source Vehicle
Stock T007
Year 2018
Model AUDI A5
VIN WAUFN************
Body Type 4DR
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Compressor2.0T,NTN/A
A/C SelectorLH,N/A
Air Bag, RightRH,KNEE,BLKN/A
Body Complete Frame OffN/A
Body Pillar B Section Center and RockerLH,BLK,ON QTRN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Electronic Control ModuleN/A
Brake ABS Power BoosterNTN/A
Brake CaliperLH,FRTN/A
Brake CaliperLH,REARN/A
Brake CaliperRH,REARN/A
Brake Caliper, RightRH,FRTN/A
Brake Master CylinderNTN/A
Center ConsoleFLR,BLK/LTHRN/A
Center ConsoleROF,BLK,W/GDO,P/SUNN/A
Clutch Flywheel2.0T,AT,ON ENGN/A
Cooling Radiator Overflow BottleN/A
Differential Carrier AssemblyN/A
Electrical AlternatorNT,2.0T,DENSO,150 AMPN/A
Electrical Starter Motor2.0T/AT,NTN/A
Engine Air Flow Meter2.0TN/A
Engine Air Turbocharger or Supercharger2.0T,ON ENGN/A
Engine Complete@,47K,2.0T/AT,CODE CYMCN/A
Engine Ignition Computer2.0T/AT,ID#8W0906259JN/A
Exhaust MufflerS/LINEN/A
Exhaust Muffler, LeftS/LINE,LHN/A
Exhaust Muffler, RightS/LINE,RHN/A
Frame Cradle Power Plant X MemberREAR,QUATTRON/A
Front Door Outside Mirror@,RH,BLK,SPPH,P/FOLD-BLIND/CAMN/A
Front Door Outside MirrorLH,BLK,SPPH,P/FOLD-BLIND/CAMN/A
Front Door Window MotorLH POWERED HSSN/A
Front Door Window MotorRH POWERED HSSN/A
Front Door Window MotorRH,FRTN/A
Front Door Window MotorRH,REARN/A
Front Door Window RegulatorRH,ELEN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,FRTN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftLH,REARN/A
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightRH,REARN/A
Front HeadlampLED LCM MODULE,ID#4M0907397ACN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarRH,BLK,BUCKLEN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarFRTN/A
Front Suspension Stabilizer BarREARN/A
Front Suspension StrutLHN/A
Fuel Injection Parts2.0T/AT,ON ENGN/A
Fuel TankN/A
Fuel Tank PumpNTN/A
Instrument PanelBLK,SRS TYPEN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemAMP,ID#8W0035465N/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemMMI CONTROLS IN FCNN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemRECEIVER,CD,MNTS IN GLB,ID#8W5035880BN/A
Instrument Panel Entertainment SystemSUB ASSY,MNTS IN TRUNKN/A
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head@,47KN/A
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlN/A
Instrument Panel Temperature ControlID#8W0820043AA,AUTO,HTD&COOLED SEATSN/A
Liftgate, Decklid, or Tailgate5DR,BLK,P/LIFT,BUC,000N/A
Misc ABS Brake PartsCONF ID...NTN/A
Misc Body Interior PartsBLKN/A
Misc Trim Pad, LeftLH,BLK,ON RDRN/A
Misc Trim Pad, LeftLH,BLKN/A
Misc Trim Pad, RightRHN/A
Misc Trim Pad, RightRH,BLKN/A
Quarter GlassLH,PTN/A
Quarter GlassRH,PTN/A
Quarter PanelLH,BLK/LONG,000N/A
Rear Axle Stub, LeftLH,W/HDSN/A
Rear Axle Stub, RightRH,W/HDSN/A
Rear Bumper@,BLK,PA,3D1N/A
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door)LH,ELE,BLKX2,000N/A
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door)RH,ELE,BLK,PARTS ONLYN/A
Rear Door GlassRHN/A
Rear Door Trim PanelLH,BLKN/A
Rear Door Window RegulatorRHN/A
Rear Drive ShaftN/A
Rear Lamp Composite TaillampLH,QTR MNTDN/A
Rear Lamp Composite TaillampRH,QTR MNTDN/A
Rear SeatBLK/LTHR,HTD,60/40N/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerLH,FRT,CSP MNTN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerLH,REARN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerLH,TRAILINGN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerRH,FRT,CSP MNTN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerRH,REARN/A
Rear Suspension Control Arm, LowerRH,TRAILINGN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control ArmLH,FRTN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control ArmLH,REARN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control ArmRH,FRTN/A
Rear Suspension Upper Control ArmRH,REARN/A
Side Rocker Panel MoldingLH,BLKN/A
Spare Jack & Tool KitJAK,W/TOOLSN/A
Steering ColumnBLKN/A
Steering Column Engine SwitchW/FOBN/A
Steering Gear or Rack and Pinion@,NTN/A
Suspension Coil SpringLH,REARN/A
Suspension Coil SpringRH,REARN/A
Transmission Transaxle2.0T/AT,NT,CODE TBRN/A
WheelT125/70R19,19x4 (spare)N/A
Wheel19x8-1/2 (alloy)N/A
Wheel9M/10,TPMS,15 SPOKE,19x8-1/2 (alloy)N/A
Wheel9R/10,TPMS,15 SPOKE,9x8-1/2 (alloy)N/A
Windshield Interior MirrorBLK,AUTON/A
Windshield Interior Sun VisorLH,BLKN/A
Windshield Interior Sun VisorRH,BLKN/A
Windshield Wiper MotorNTN/A